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Our funeral services in Stoke-on-Trent provide a variety of funeral services to families, friends and communities based locally and in the surrounding areas. Our knowledgeable funeral directors are qualified to make sure we provide you with the highest standard of service possible. Over time, we have ensured to provide a warm, compassionate and helpful service to every family that has approached us. If you would like thoughtful and respectful services, get in touch with our expert funeral directors today.

Our Comprehensive Funeral Services

Our funeral directors have significant industry experience and have undertaken training to the highest standard, ensuring we offer you the best service. Over the years gone by, we have always made sure to deliver a friendly, welcoming and supportive service to every one of our customers.

We offer free support and advice throughout the funeral planning process and can arrange an initial meeting at our office or at your property, depending on your preferences. We can arrange funeral donations, so guests can donate at the end of the service and can arrange both traditional and non-religious funerals. Furthermore, we provide our clients with many funeral choices and advice. We can also help you select the right funeral for your requirements. Moreover, from funeral cars and coffins to prepaid funeral plans, we cover all aspects to meet your needs. Our services include, though we do not restrict them to:

Types Of Funerals

To accommodate the needs of every family, we conduct various types of funerals. We carry out cremations, burials and green funerals to make sure we offer a service tailored to your preferences. Furthermore, we provide our clients with funeral services that are appropriate for all religious beliefs, in addition to non-religious services. We can also arrange local natural/woodland burials. 

Traditional and Modern

More and more individuals are perceiving funerals as occasions for reflecting on the life of a loved one as opposed to simply mourning. Families can add personal touches to create personal and memorable events to treasure and recollect as a sentiment.

Funerals adhere to a traditional structure as we conduct them at a place of worship, or in the crematorium chapel, succeeded by burial or cremation and led by a religious faith leader, in line with set religious practices. However, now, more than ever, we take a contemporary approach. This might involve the playing of recorded music during the service or the use of non-religious celebrants to participate in the service.

The funeral cortege stands as a classic tradition, though it can now involve elements including a hearse, motorcycle or other vehicles closely associated with the life of the deceased. Another option can include having no cortege, with family and friends getting together at the last resting place, graveside or the crematorium.

Chapel Of Rest

Our private chapel of rest offers you the chance to spend some last precious moments with your family member. We can organise viewings in our private chapels well in advance if you get in touch with our funeral directors on the phone. Our chapel is appropriate for individuals from all faith backgrounds, and we can adapt it to meet your specific needs.

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