Arranging A Funeral: How To Add A Personal Touch

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Arranging a funeral can be a challenging task at such a difficult time of loss. Adding sentiment to the occasion can help give your loved one the send off they deserve. Here are just a few things to think about when organising a funeral.

Meaningful Music

One way to add a personal touch to a funeral is through the music selection. Consider choosing songs that were meaningful to the departed or hold special significance for the family. Whether it’s a favourite song they had, a song that reminds you of them or perhaps even a religious piece of music that resonates with their beliefs. The music played is remembered by most attendees, so will hold a special place with many, so taking the time to choose the correct music can be a truly touching tribute.

couple at a funeral

Personalised Dress Code

When arranging a funeral, many attendees will assume the dress code is all black. Traditionally, a dark attire is worn to symbolise mourning. However, many now choose an alternative dress code as a tribute to the deceased. Instead of traditional black attire, you could encourage attendees to wear a pop of colour or particular piece of clothing that is an apt tribute to your loved one. Whether it’s a favourite colour, a sports team shirt, or attire that represents a shared passion, allowing people to dress in a way that honours the individual can bring a sense of connection to the service.

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Charity Donations

In lieu of, or in addition to flowers, consider suggesting charity donations when arranging a funeral. This can be a beneficial way for mourners to pay tribute to the departed. Choose a cause that was close to your loved one’s heart or one that aligns with their values can help add a personal touch to a service. Providing mourners with the opportunity to contribute to something meaningful can be comforting. It’s a way to honour the memory of the deceased, while making a positive impact in their name. Perhaps they were taken by an illness or cared for prior to their death. Choosing an organisation connected with their care is quite a common option for the donations.

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