What Goes Into An Order Of Service

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Arranging a funeral involves planning many parts of the service. One important aspect is the order of service. This is the small booklet that is created for attendees of the ceremony. It’s a lovely tribute to a loved one, so one not to be overlooked. Not only is it sentimental, it provide practical information for the day. Read on for a short guide on what commonly goes into one of these booklets.

The Cover

The cover of an order of service generally includes a photograph of the deceased. When you’re arranging a funeral, you might be charge of finding a relevant image to commemorate your loved one. If you have a photo you’re particularly fond of, make sure it gets pride of place on the front!  The cover will usually also have the full name, birth date, death date and date/venue of ceremony.

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The main function of an order of service is very beneficial when it comes to arranging a funeral. It helps keep the service operating smoothly, as it lists the schedule for the day. It will outline anything that attendees should know and anything that you would like them to remember about the day. After all, they can take this booklet home as a keep-sake. The centre of the booklet can include:

  • The names of people who are going to talk, such as the celebrant.
  • Any prayers written out so people can follow along.
  • Song titles are either listed or the lyrics are written out so attendees can join in.
  • If there are any readings, the titles may be listed along with the name of the speaker.
  • Whoever does the tribute or eulogy is usually also listed.

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The Back Cover

The back of the order of service will generally be more about practical elements of the day. You can use this space to thank everybody for attending and whoever might have contributed. It might ask for charity donations if one has been chosen. Any information needed for donations can be found here.

Arranging a funeral commonly also includes organising a wake. The rear of the booklet gives attendees instructions if there’s anything happening after the service. If there’s a wake, then usually information about this is on the back. It will list where it is and when it’s taking place so people can attend that too.

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